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Got 5 Minutes To Please Your Mistress With Just Your Fingers?

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Gia Matadora

July 2019 Newsletter

Part Deux

You have a chance to pleasure me deeply- in a way I guarantee you haven't yet before... ;)

CA Governor Gavin Newsom has received Senate Bill SBB 233 for signing and I need you to make sure he does. UPDATE: THIS BILL HAS SINCE PASSED! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Reasons why you should sign it:

1. Because I said so.

2. Because it is an easy way to show your support for sex workers!

How Do I begin?

Scroll below to find clear instructions and a template email.

Need More Info Before Signing?

Click the link down below that says "Bill Info!" or read the template I wrote.

Dominatrix Gia Matadora's To Do List for Pervert Slave 


1. Copy Paste the text below into an email addressed to Gov. Newsom at

2. Subject line should read "Request for Signature on Senate Bill 233 (Wiener)"

3. BCC (Wieners legislative aide)

4. Send!


"Governor Gavin Newsom,

My name is (Your Name), I am a (Age) year old resident of (Where You Live). I’m a voter in the (Where You Live More Specifically) neighborhood and I am writing to ask that you sign Scott Wieners Bill SB 233.

This bill would afford sex workers freedom from prosecution for prostitution and/or minor drug related offenses if they choose to come forward as victims/witnesses to violent crimes. It would also mean that condoms cannot be used as evidence of prostitution.

I wholeheartedly believe this bill will create a positive impact on public health, injustices, and cycles of trauma for our more marginalized communities.

Since the passing of FOSTA/SESTA- a bill meant to reduce human trafficking online, human trafficking has reportedly gone up 150% in some areas of San Francisco. The conflation of sex work with human trafficking has been damaging not just to sex trafficking victims but also to sex workers who do it out of survival or their own volition. This bill will give sex workers much needed protection that was stripped away from them in the wake of FOSTA/SESTA and allow them the humanity of being able to report things like being robbed or assaulted.

The Bay Area and California has the reputation of being a safe haven for freedom of expression, art, and education. Sex Ed is something that Californians- especially us in the Bay hold dearly. We take great pride in the fact that young adults here grow up being told that they should always have access to protection or contraceptives. Allowing young adults to have knowledge that empowers them to make safe, smart choices that will benefit them well into adulthood. With the current attacks on planned parenthood and a woman’s right to choose- It would be a strong statement against those who feel the need to control women’s bodies, that having protection will not be considered under the law, to be evidence of “wrongdoing.”

Thank you,

(Your Name)"

“The oldest profession [prostitution] is the most honest, for it exposes the bare bones of what civilization is all about. It's the root of all professions.” 

- Daniel Suelo -

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