"Hello Mistress Gia,

Your outfit was  sexy and seductive. The scenario of the bordello worker taking the client upstairs was right out of West World (one of my favorite shows). You showed your ability to inflict pain and sensuality and made for a most entertaining time!

- Thomas"


"Godess Gia,


   I had a Flogging/Caning session with You today and I wanted to say thank You for such an awesome session, it was truly amazing and I loved that You enjoyed Yourself as much as I did. Truly can't wait to have another session with You.


    Thank You Godess, 

           - Mark"


"Hello Mistress Gia, 


     All I can say is wow and thank you for such an amazing session. I am literally still on a high from the session. I hope you and Mistress Luka had a great time too! Can't wait until the next time! Have a great weekend!



"Mistress Gia,


I just wanted to say thank you for such a great time on Saturday.  Eva said you were a lot of fun, and I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed how our session was fun and laid back.  I consider myself a newbie, still exploring likes/dislikes and finding people to be apart of that journey makes it that more exciting.  I look forward to our next session either a double, triple or one-one. 




"To Godess Gia

Thank you Goddess for the amazing bullwhipping Wednesday. You were awesome! I liked how you pushed me beyond 100. Thank you again.


Best, Michael"

"Hello mistress Gia. I just wanted to follow up on our session from Saturday night.  The experience was incredibly positive and it took me several days to process it.  I'm very lucky to have found on my first try an instructor as talented as yourself.


Thank you,



"Mistress Gia,

Whenever someone tells me that I'm being overly ambitious they're often right and you're the expert here. I appreciate your willingness to push back on a request that you think might be too risky.


Maybe rather than talking about specific activities then it might be better to talk a bit more about the reason why I wanted to do them.  Facing and overcoming fears is part of it but also it's about having my ego stripped away.  I have a gigantic ego.  A lot of subs have a very externalized ego in a way that I just don't.  I was thinking that those sorts of things could be used to push me into a place where mentally I was looking outside of myself for self worth.


So rather than requesting specific activities I'll simply say that I'd like to explore that and that you should feel free to use the things that I'm afraid of to facilitate that in whatever way you think best.

Thank you Goddess.

- Sean"


"Hello Mistress Gia


There is an old, old, saying (probably Biblical in origin) "It is better to give than receive" (A good saying for a dom, too)


I admire your professionalism and entrepreneurship and you deserve to "receive"!

Your Humble Slave,