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So You Want To Serve

A True Goddess

In The Flesh?

Simply email to inquire.


Specials!!! Get up to $100 off of a session, every session.

$50 off your session with a negative

Covid-19 test result from the last 3 days.

(must be shown in person the day of)

Additional $50 in credit towards your session for allowing film/photography.

Face, Tattoos and Birthmarks can be blurred out.

Must sign a model/talent release. Email for inquiry.

August Rates (Includes Hazard Pay and Rent):

30m - $250

1 hr - $350

90m - $500

2 hr - $650

2.5 hr - $800

3hr - $950

Is Goddess Gia's schedule not working with yours? Are you not sure if she does what you are interested in?

Send an inquiry to Goddess Gia at


Goddess Gia loathes responding to repetitive emails. It is suggested that you only send an email if your answer cannot be found by reading through Goddess Gia's website.


To Book a Session:

Please introduce yourself, send relevant notes/details about sessioning like your name, date of birth, what activities you are interested in, how long you would like to session for, and three possible session dates/times.


She also loves reading and responding to your post-session thoughts and feelings about your experience together.

(Basically, she adores love letters/fan mail but hates playing receptionist.)

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